The Little Web Design Shop is a small company located in Mount Olive, Mississippi.  We focus on offering support to small businesses that need to a website to help promote their products and services.

Setting up a website is time consuming and sometimes challenging for the small business owner!
Who are we and what do we do?
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More Information About The Process...

The process is very simple. Just remember the result of seeing your company name “up in lights” on the internet is incredibly motivating and we try to make sure that this process is as painless as possible!

Your website address
If you do not have your own domain purchased, we can help you get that set up. What is important at this stage is that you own the domain yourself and we help you to manage it. You have complete legal ownership and access to your domain and only with your explicit permission will we make changes to that domain.

Understanding what you want the website to look like
We talk to you about your business, and your logo and corporate image. If there are sample sites out that you like, we welcome the information so that we can get a glimpse of what you are imagining the website will look like.

Your logo
We have worked with lots of companies helping them design a logo that will work for them. We do not use online generic design sites for this.…each logo is designed for you.

The project outline

We have an incredibly short document that we need you to complete. Typically this is completed via our conversations, and that means less work for you! But sometimes there is missing information, so we ask that you at least review the document, add data where needed, and to sign and send back to us.
If you have tried setting up your own website you may have used one of a variety of online tools.  As an incredibly busy small business owner, you know that your company needs some online presence but finding the time to set something up is tough and you have no desire to learn how to set up a website, let alone play around with pictures and fonts.

That is where The Little Web Design Shop comes into play and can work with you and help your company have a well designed website.

We are a small business than understands the needs of other small businesses from a marketing viewpoint.  It is not usually a high priority to allocate time to marketing and to tasks that are not directly related to a current client project and generate income.

All we ask from you is the following:

1.  Purchase a domain name/website address - we will host your site for free for one year as part of a design package.
2.  Write a description of your company and the services that you offer and supply any logos/pictures that you want us to use in the design.
3.  Choose from some example designs that we send to you, the one you like the most!

The rest you can leave to us! 

We have different packages for everyone from a business that just wants an informational site all the way through to a full e-commerce site.  Click here for package information
We are very lucky and have worked with some great clients.  Here are what some of them are saying about The Little Web Design Shop and you can see here are some examples of the work we have completed.
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